Frequently Asked Questions

Fuelup is a doorstep diesel delivery service provider for your generator DG Set, industries and fleet vehicles and etc. Fuelup is safe, reliable and easy to use you can place your order throught online we'll reach in your location and deliver fuel.

Right now we serve most of the locations in Chhattisgarh and will soon be adding other cities.

Fuelup Fuelup is not an oil company/ oil marketing company (or its agent/affiliate/subsidiary or in any way whatsoever related to any oil company or oil marketing company operating in India or anywhere else In the world) Fuelup only provides logistical services to its Users through sources fuel from authorized and selected dealers of oil companies near your location. We follow a strict quality assurance program to ensure every drop of fuel is checked for quality before it gets loaded into our Refuellers for delivery. We do not purchase or stock fuel prior to delivery. Fuel is sourced only upon receiving the orders from customers.

Yes sure you can pre book your order through visit our website app through call on 7509999499.

We delivered diesel from 8am through 8pm and are planning for 24x7 operation hours.

Doorstep diesel delivery is totally safe Diesel does not burn even in open fire at standard temperature & pressure conditions. For diesel to catch fire, it requires temperature in excess of 52 degree Celsius AND compressed air AND accumulated vapour in certain quantity AND 90/10 mixing ratio of air with vapour AND a source of ignition. Our Highly qualified drivers follow rigorous protocols to ensure safe product handling and delivery experienced drivers undergo rigorous training and hold monthly meetings that emphasize safety so no need to worry about our service it's totally safe.

With Fuelup we 100% asure That you are getting same quntity and good quality of fuel our Dispenser machine Verify by through W&M (weights and measures) and legal-metrology dipartment have some dencity sensor to get good quality of fuel.

Fuel is delivered at the same cost as available at your nearest fuel station plus a nominal delivery charge. We charge.

You can Pay through NEFT/RTGS and through cheque, UPI , and cash.

No there is no cancellation charge we charge yet.